Naturally Vital WOMAN – Support and soothe the symptoms of PMS thru Menopause


  • A valuable addition to your female wellness toolkit.

  • The ability to balance hormones naturally.

  • Protect Graceful Aging.


  1. Ashwaganha: Impacts aspects of balancing hormones during menstrual cycles, reproduction as well as menopause. Research suggests improved mood, stress response. Great for PMS as well as positively impacting the quality of life associated with menopause.
  2. Maca Root : Packs high levels of iron and iodine to promote healthy cells and to help keep your metabolism on track. Maca is rich in calcium, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Passion Flower: The soothing properties have been associated with the ability to reduce stress hormones, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.
  4. Tongkat Ali: Helps fight unwanted weight gain by balancing hormone metabolism. Boosting energy to support endurance during exercise, as well as encouraging normal blood sugar and promotes skeletal health.
  5. Epimedium Sagettatum: Believed as an antioxidant to support and maintain brain and heart health. Protects Graceful Aging relief from menopausal symptoms, supports joints and soothes muscle soreness.
  6. Muira Puama: Stimulates libido and boosts physical performance.
  7. Tribulus Tessestris: Supports sexual function, enhances energy and supports mood associated with PMS
  8. Avena Sativa – Oats: Supporting improved cognitive enhancement, i.e. Attention span, mental performance and as a nerve tonic bringing relief from neurological pain.
  9. Chaste Berry: One of nature’s most versatile remedies for relief of menstrual cycle issues and menopause such as bloating and pain. Soothing the symptoms.
  10. Broccoli Extract: Healthy hormone balancing metabolism

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  • 35 year old female: My periods were painful and 7 days prior to them I was a Devil! After taking Naturally Vital Woman for a couple of weeks, my period arrived unnoticed and pain free! I’ll take it daily now for life.
  • 67 year old female: I have my feminine Mojo working! Naturally Vital Woman has been the key to my youthful energy. It makes my husband and I very happy.
  • I’m 60 and I was dragging. Since taking Vital Woman I got my energy back!
  • I used to be very irritable and on an emotional roller coaster a week before my period but not anymore!!! My husband can attest to that!! As well my period cramps are minuscule. Now I’m a 36-year-old Happy wife and mom
  • My body has gone through menopause without too much trouble but in my late 60s I had lost my female MOJO! Now I got my MOJO working!!