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Sweet2 is the only sugar substitute you will ever use to sweeten your beverages or sprinkle on cereals. If you are currently using Stevia, Sweet & Low, Splenda or Equal, you owe it to yourself to taste Sweet2. Each Sweet2 packet provides the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of sugar, with a genuine sugar flavor. Sweet2 has no bitter aftertaste. If Table Sugar had zero calories, did not impact blood sugar or insulin it would be Sweet2. It’s perfect for Diabetics and any low carb diet.

What is Sweet2?

Sweet2 is a sugar substitute sweetened with Ace-Potassium, which provides a sweet taste without affecting glycemic responses and without the high caloric content of regular sugars.

The formula for Sweet2 was developed by Dr. Stephen Price to provide a calorie-free sweetener to his diet-conscious patients that tastes exactly like sugar.

Sweet2 is ideal for tabletop use and is soluble in hot or cold beverages, and since it remains stable when heated, Sweet2 can also be used in cooking and baking