About Biologic Nutrients

We are a research-based clinically tested supplement company. Our products are all made of the highest quality herbs and vitamins in the United States. We use a state of the art, FDA regulated GMP certified manufacturing facility.

Each health care formula of Biologic Nutrients has been proven to be effective and safe. Our herbal and vitamin supplements are organic, non-GMO formulas that have been collaborated in a clinic environment on real patients with real problems over the last 30 years.

Bio- Relieveā„¢ is the first formula that we have released with overwhelming success for the treatment of chronic and/or acute inflammation.

Just some of the symptoms relieved using Bio-Relieveā„¢ are:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Nerve Pain
  • Intestinal Irritation

The benefits of our herbal formulas are the synergistic qualities they have where the whole of the formula is greater that any one herb individually could be. You get the best of 10 worlds that work together, effective, Naturally!

We have several more formulas currently being clinically studied and tested as well and we will be releasing them as they are finalized.

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Currently we have the following all natural supplements available:

And the best tasting zero-calorie, sugar substitute: SWEET2

Mission Statement for Biologic Nutrients

The creation and formulation of organic, non-GMO supplements, developed in the exact formulas needed to address and alleviate physical discomfort, improve health and provide increased vitality safely and naturally, without the use of drugs.