Biologic Nutrients is a research-based clinically tested supplement company. Our products are all made of the highest quality herbs and vitamins in the United States. We use a state of the art, FDA regulated GMP certified manufacturing facility. Each health care formula of Biologic Nutrients has been proven to be effective and safe. Our herbal and vitamin supplements are organic, non-GMO formulas that have been collaborated in a clinic environment on real patients with real problems over the last 30 years.

Biologic Nutrients Products


  • All-Natural Herbal Anti-Inflammatory
  • 10 Clinically Proven Herbs
  • Premium Drug-free Pain Relief


  • All-Natural Herbal Supplement
  • 10 Clinically Proven Herbs
  • Hormonal Balance, Mood Stability & Overall Women’s Health.


  • Best Tasting Sugar Substitute
  • Zero Calories – less than 1 gram of carbs
  • Perfect for Diabetics, Atkins & all Low Carb Diets
Vital Man bottle


  • Helps Support Stamina and Performance
  • Boosts Energy
  • Doctor Formulated
Nitecaps Bottle


  • All Natural, Drug Free
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Improve Sleep Quality
Bio-Relieve 6-Pack


  • Developed Using Clinical Research
  • Get Relief Naturally
  • Buy 6 At Once For A Substantial Discount
Over many, many years of professional practice, research and development, Dr. Price developed the miraculous and all-natural anti-inflammatory, Bio-Relieve, a synergistic combination of herbs that work together to treat a very great number of physical complaints. Dr. Price found that the herbs that best allayed the conditions needed to be balanced one to another to avoid dosing issues. The astounding result was a product that resolved so many other issues within the body that his patients were experiencing, such as muscle pains, joint pains, sleep disturbances, allergies, and symptoms associated with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis and pain. This unique herbal compound in Bio-Relieve also addresses physical warning signs below the awareness level of the patient; symptoms that would manifest in due time if their discomforting chronic and acute manifestations were left unaddressed.
Dr. Stephen Price

What Our Clients are Saying

BIO-RELIEVE: Decided to give this a try for my fingers that are starting to have some arthritis pain. I could not believe that the first morning after waking up that my hand did not hurt.

SWEET2: I’m surprised how much I love this.

SWEET2: Has a simple sweet taste, with no chemical aftertaste. Better than the Sweet n Low, Splenda, Stevia, etc.

VITAL WOMAN: My whole body seemed to work better with more energy and less fatigue.

BIO-RELIEVE: Love these! Completely helped my sciatica!

SWEET2: I was using way too much sugar. This has stopped my sugar consumption.

BIO-RELIEVE: As soon as I got home from the emergency room, I took four capsules of Bio-Relieve. Within 20 minutes I felt tremendously better.

VITAL WOMAN: I experienced an increase in libido and a decrease in night sweats.

SWEET2: I am on the KETO diet and not using any sugar. Sweet2 gives me what I need without the negative aspects of aspertame or fruit sugars.

VITAL WOMAN: Since taking Vital Woman on a daily basis I have found my periods to be less painful and my emotions are on an even keel.

BIO-RELIEVE: SO much better than taking turmeric alone! I have an autoimmune disease and this stuff is a game changer

BIO-RELIEVE: No addictive pain killers for me! This product works wonders!

SWEET2: By far the closest taste to real sugar. Ive been diabetic over 40 years and tried them all. I was expecting this to be a waste of money like monk fruit and the rest, but I’ll never use anything else but SWEET2.

SWEET2: I would encourage anyone looking for a new substitute sweetener to switch to Sweet2. You will not be disappointed!

BIO-RELIEVE: Helped my chronic pain as much as NSAIDS which is a huge relief because I can’t take NSAIDS anymore . Works better than Tumeric supplements alone.